A sustainable system for entrepreneurs to show up and make and impact, without relying on social media alone.

If you’ve gotten clients from social media in the past, you know how thrilling it can be! At the same time, social media can be a big time and energy drain and demoralizing as well.

So, the question is, how can you design your own way of creating content that makes sense for your unique strengths, energy and long term business plan?


  • You feel like if you take a break from social media and content creation that your whole business might just fall apart.

  • You feel like you're at the mercy of the algorithm.

  • You’ve tried creating content like some of the big names you follow, but it just doesn’t feel sustainable without a large team..


  • Immediate access to the 5 tiny lessons with a total watch time of about an hour.

  • My unique process that will take the pressure off content creation and bring back fun and inspired energy into your marketing.

  • My master list of content creation resources (most of these are free or low cost).


  1. 1
    • How to approach this course

  2. 2
    • Lesson 1: How to choose your signature content type

    • Lesson 2: Signature vs. repurposed content

    • Lesson 3: How to design your content map (overview)

    • Lesson 4: The 3-Step content map design process

    • Lesson 5: The 5 most common content pitfalls

  3. 3
    • Resource List for Create Your Inspired Content Map


Jessie Chiang, Intuitive Business Coach

"After learning from Amy, I now have a much better understanding of how copywriting works and writing structure. I will now be able to write better copy for myself and my clients."

Anya Parker-Lentz, Social Media Expert Landau Agency

“I know you’re a copywriter, but you’re also brilliant at the strategy around how everything pieces together.”

Grace Yeo, Launch Strategist

"I learned how to be concise, punchy and straight to the point with the content that catches attention. I also learn to write faster and identify the problems people are facing. Now I can Come up with content quickly and easily by addressing the problems my target audience has. No more guessing around - I can "attack" the problem right away."


Please read carefully so you understand the terms of purchase.

  • This course is offered as ‘self study’ and does not include any  personalised coaching on how you can apply these teachings to your business. 
  • Purchases are final. Please read this sales page carefully to decide if the offer is right for you. If you have any questions, you can email me at hi@amynicolewrites.com.